Effortlessly elegant

A few days ago, I saw my last night in Greece, and in true Aimee fashion I just had to make it the biggest night of them all. Clubbing / 'painting the town red,' as one my call it, is very different over there to how it is here; more relaxed, not as fast paced and definitely a completely juxtaposing fashion aesthetic. What a typical Brit girl may wear out: the tightest, shortest, most revealing dress paired with the highest of all heels despite the climate. However, the Greeks are far cooler than that, sandals, linen trousers and a plain tee will suffice. With that in mind my choice of garment was Arteecollage's Effortless Dress, at a beautiful price of £36.00, you can't go wrong.

Let's not forget the average temperature on a night out there was around 23 degrees, which is still pretty warm. The fact the fabric was an extremely light weight modal cotton, allowed me to sit comfortably in the stuffy bar environment without over heating. Oh and did I mention it has a hood, how chic! Paired with diamond sandals and matching bangles I fitted right in. 


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