Busy week or so . . .

I haven't really had chance to post here properly for a while. As you know I have moved to London, which I don't stop talking about (so hearing it again must be getting pretty boring), then been in Paris for a few days and headed over to Greece for a week. I am finally back on good old British soil and ready to start back at university and get back onto the blogging fully. Just a few pictures to tickle the tastes buds. . .

Okay, so I know I'm 19, but whatever, I wanted to see Minnie too! We queued for rather a long time only for her not to even engage in conversation with us, how rude. One thing that crosses my mind now a days is who actually is under the costume? + the whole situation is a little freaky, they have weirdly large heads, no wonder I cried when I was little and went. 

The fairy-tale dream; Terri wants to get proposed to at the castle, so future husband of her's, if you are reading this you know what you have to do. 

I'm such a big kid!


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