Juicy Balls #yumyum

Despite the title, this isn't going to be a rude title. I kid you not, I am an extremely proper girl :D We just had some of the Indian sweets, kind of cakes. I actually have no idea what they were, no idea what they were called, the only thing I do actually know is that they tasted pretty good and the only way to describe them is as sweet juicy balls. Anyway, today I venture into the streets of East London, mainly Brick Lane with one of my friends from back home opening our country eyes the aesthetic of 'the other.' It was truly exciting, I am a big fan of vintage clothing and spent along time snooping through the vintage markets and stores. In fact, we saw Zayne from One Direction with his girlfriend, Little Mix singer, Perry there as well. So, you must know One Direction is a big - think how excited I was to see him, I literally had to hold myself back from pouncing on the boy. However, my friends flatmate saw them as well and went up to ask for a picture, but was rudely shot down by the pair. I thought that was really rude considered no one else had gone up to them, and yes I respect that they must want time along and just be able to go out with out be recognised, but at the same time their fans have gone them to where they are now. If they didn't have us they wouldn't be the success they are - just saying!

Here is what I'm wearing. An over sized military jacket, white vest top and long pleated floral midi.


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