Morning fix . . . 6th December

It's already the 6th of December, where is all the time going? It feels as though I have only just settled into my new flat and university life. Everything has changed so much in the space of a few months. I am currently sitting in bed, enjoying the likes of the Ellen Show and This Morning, god I'm old before my time. I don't know why, but those programmes just draw me in. It must be the idle gossip that seems to fill the minutes in every episode, plus it makes me feel as though I actually 'know' the celebrity guests - sad I know.

I can't remember if I told you all, but at the weekend I went to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, both on the friday with my university and the Saturday with my mum. The two days spent there were really good, especially the dance show. Is it me or does BB get fitter every time you see him? Dirty Sexy Things has really paid off for him, with the majority of the audience shouting his name and cooing for his attention.
I can see why. . .

Oh and if that wasn't enough for you this morning, here are a few fashion finds:

Currently unavailable, but check back to River Island to see if it comes back in stock!

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  1. love the color of the heels in the first picture... love the way it shines ;)

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  2. I LOVE the clothes show, me and some friends went last year and it was so much fun, but I didn't realise when it was on this year until it was too late... We go to the one in London though... Definitely going to go next year!

  3. Thanks for the comments, check out my bigwardrobe stylist page as well:


  4. So jealous i wanted to go to the clothes show so BAD :( x

  5. hey, sure! Just followed you - hope you follow back :)

  6. I know! Time is going by so quickly, its crazy, LOVE those yellow pumps!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. I love your blog. I follow you !! a chic kiss

  8. Love your fashion picks. The shoes are awesome!


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