The plain white tee #arteecollage

It seems as though I can't stay in one place very long. I have just moved to London after living in Southampton for just a year, managed to move all my belongings into my flat in London last week Tuesday and get to grips with my surrounding area (belive me it was rather tricky), then went to Paris on the Friday. I think I just like jet setting in all honesty. I mean, I'm at that age where I have no commitments, minus university if that counts, no boyfriend and thankfully (for the sake of the child)  no children. Paris was incredible and now I am in Greece. I currently find myself typing from a small backroom of a bar listening to the sound track of the 90's, it's total cheese, but you just have to love it.

With all this travelling you can't help but want to be comfortable. Being on the place can be a nightmare, screams from creatures that look as though they were born only last week, the terrible twos fighting and kicking the back of your chair and the highly annoyed parents raising their voices louder than the children to try and take control of the situation - it never works. As you can imagine my surroundings weren't comfortable, but at least what I was wearing didn't give me extra grief. My super soft model jersy tee, that goes by the name of 'Speed Pure Tank' was the perfect choice. It's slim fitting, round necked and has become my wardrobe essential due to its functionality - with out sounding too cocky, it is rather figure flattering as well.

I wore this with a long maxi skirt and a few extra accessories. Get yours from Arteecollage for the great sale price of 12 pounds.


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