Millie Mackintosh's make-up

I don't know if you're all a fan of Made In Chelsea, but I really am. Yes, it is scripted, yes, they all seem like pretentious snobs (especially Mark) half the time and yes, their lives are far away from the norm and heightened for television, but I still love it. There seems to be an element of perfection portrayed, especially in appearance and Millie Mackintosh takes centre stage on that. Her make-up is always exquisite and I have wanted to know how to do it in the same way. I found this Youtube video and thought it was fairly interesting and helpful . . . what do you think?

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  1. Hey! I know this girl, and I love her makeup videos!!!!;)

  2. I love Made in Chelsea :) I know they are snobs but who cares :) hahaha I agree... especially Mark ;)
    Millie is soooo beautiful!!!
    thanks for sharing.

    I cant wait till season 3!!!! x

  3. such a cool video!

  4. ooo this is interesting! :)

  5. i really like tutorials at YT!

    watch me at

  6. I haven't ever seen this show, it hasn't reached SA tv sets yet, i need to catch up

  7. I have awarded you on my blog - check out! :)


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