It's been a while I know . . .

Sorry about my lack of posts over the past few days, I have been rather busy. Well, I say that, In all honesty I was at the weekend and from then on in I have been mopping around, however, that has changed and I will get back to all your comments tonight/tomorrow - thanks for the nice emails by the way, I hope you all had a lovely valentines day!

Just a quick post, but thought I share my findings . . .

LOVE those shoes, I swear I post a variation of them every week - but they are soooooooo cool! 

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  1. Really cool *.*
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  2. love the last pic, great style

  3. Hope you've had some fun this week! Cool post. Love the fashion!

  4. there is something i like in every single one of these outfits! aimee, i know life can get crazy. there's nothing wrong with taking a blogging break.

  5. i love the 3rd look! its gorgeous!!

  6. Though are a bit diferent
    i like all that looks very much!

  7. I really love the 1 and the 4! amazing!

  8. Am loving this and thank you for your comment, am following now!!


Thank you for all your comments, I will endeavour to reply back to you all, but for a quicker response tweet me on @Aimee_Victoria

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