Morning fix . . .11th February

That is exactly how I feel! Diets bore me, but I am enjoying all my working out. If only they made chocolate cake, ice and pizza with zero calories and fat = HEAVEN.

Those shoes are to die for and the mix in colours is something I am loving. Rocking different looks to create one overall great outfit everyone should be trying - it would be great to see what all my readers are wearing, if you want to send me links, pictures that would be great, as I want to do a post on what you all read. Please email me your photos to - THANKS DOLLS

Printed leggins are everywhere and they have some really cool ones down at Urban Outfitters, I know I bang on about that shop all the time, but they are really on trend at the moment and have a great few pieces on - have you guessed it's one of my favourite shops?

Als thoughts on tattoos, I personally do really like them, it just depends on size and location. 

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  1. Great post! I love the second outfit!

  2. Yeah it also means a lot for me :) thanks for your lovely comment ;) I really like the outfits *.*

  3. i have to agree that tattoos are pretty but it really depends on the size and the location too, just like you said!


  4. Love that skirt in the first shot! I like tattoos but I'm so fickle I know I'd get one done and then be fed up with it in a week!
    Emma xx

  5. Amazing tattoo!!! I'm a tattoo artist so for me its art not just permeant inking , but to each their own ;-)

  6. All the best on finding a diet for you. That Tattoo would be just too big for me. But everyone I know, has at least one tattoo. I'm too squeamish to get one. I hate needles and blood.

    Love those leggins!

  7. ha-ha to the diet dear john letter! lovely colorful outfit inspirations. i agree with you about tattoos, but really i just want people to do what makes them happy.

  8. I never thought to keep a diet, and thank God, it's not necessary...It just wouldn't work between us, either, because of my addiction to sweets:))

  9. i have an addiction to sweets of all forms so diet isn't really my thing although i should start eating healthier.
    love the turquoise blazer of the picture.

  10. i love those leggings and the outfit looks great on it!!

  11. lol I love that post-it note! ;)

    And those shoes are fab!!

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  12. ahahah, that first picture, omg :) loving this post!

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  13. Love that skirt in the first picture!


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