This is why I need a job!!!

I know I get an allowance (a nice one at that) and I know you can't buy everything you want, but there are so many nice things out there that I just adore. . . that is why I just have to get a job! Searching the pages of 'Fashiolista' depresses me, as I seem to want everything on it, WHY?!?! why, tease me so much when you know if I bought many an item I would end up in major debt. It's either a job or a very rich boyfriend, but that's when my feminist side comes out and think how shallow minded those girls are who rely on a man to get everything for them, I will be rich by myself! (I hope)


The Kate Moss Mini Chantilly lace chemise

If I had an Iphone I would actually get this case . . . but I don't. 


  1. omg dear the dress is awesome:))wanna have it:) we should start buisness or marry rich soon bebe;)La Folie 

  2. That iphone case is sick, I need it. But first I'll need an iphone 4. Need & want seem to be new rude words. There is nothing wrong with wanting something, hopefully it'll give you the motivation to achieve your goal of being able to afford the things you like.

  3. Hopefully it will :) Thanks for your comments! xx


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