Camden, Cocktails and . . .

Yesterday, I went to London to see an old friend. I hadn't had a good chat with him since we were in Africa and it was lovely to catch up and see how his new life was panning out. After meeting at Charing cross, we headed up to covert garden and had a quick browse round the shops before heading to Camden for the day. You really don't feel as though your still in this country when your there, the mix in cultures and dichotomy from central London is great and I love being there! We took plenty of photographs, shared many a laugh narrowly dodging food poisoning from a local stand (I was count myself lucky when I get at some of the stalls and fail to become ill - always a bonus). The amount of vintage shops in the area is also amazing! I seem to be in an area in Southampton where they are far and few between, if any of you are in Southampton and know of any good vintage stores, do let me know, as I am truly missing out at the moment.


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Aimee xxx