What I'm wearing - 1st September

I can't believe it is September already, it seems to have gone so fast! I'll be starting university this month, leaving home, living in my own flat, fending for myself . . . no more 'Daddy . . . Daddy, please can you help me do this . . . how do you do that,' golly, I don't know how I am going to survive, but I'm sure it will be an 'experience.'
  I don't know what 'look' I was supporting today, maybe 'wannabe vintage chic,' what can I say, I try.

Look i'm using a real camera!! :) 

Head scarf: Vintage
Top: Vintage
Shorts: Well I made them . . . 'Aimee's Bedroom Boutique' (Does that sound a little wrong?!) 


  1. Nice outfit!


  2. nice outfit hun! love your room as well!

  3. why are your photos so shit if you used a real camera ? also i dont know how you are going to cope without being able to go daddyyyyy, filll my car up, daddyyyy take me here, daddddyyyy give me some money hehe love you xxxx

  4. Lens needed cleaning, but I couldn't be bothered to do it . . I will for tomorrow though. . .

  5. Really nice blog :)
    xx J.



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