Baby G Watches

I'm not usually someone who wears watches I find I keep obsessing over the time and appear to look rude when with others, as if their company bores me, but I think I will be making an exception for these new watches that have hit the market!

Which one will you be going for? I personally really like the pink and white one (who wants to buy me it?), but all of them are really cool and kind of reminiscent of the Toywatches. Clearly this is the new one on the scene, so I recommend you get them before everyone else does and you can say you found them here first!


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  2. AH! I love baby-g watches, I had one when I was younger =D I thought I was so cool haha =P The pink and white one looks great! GET IT! =D

  3. I like the pink color, so cute :)

  4. wow they're crazy!!
    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, i'm now following you x


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