I am now 18 years of age and feel as though my life is passing before my eyes, (is that somewhat OTT?). I have lived in the same house, in the same village all my life and led a fairly ordinary lifestyle I feel. Nothing out of the norm has taken place, I went to a typical country boarding school, made some lovely friends (and some I'd rather forget), had a diverse family unit with my mother being from St. Lucia and my Dad being a 'purebred' Yorkshire man, but now it's time to make a name for myself and fulfil all my aspirations. 
You know when your younger you have a 'dream dream' job, but realise when your about 12 that that isn't likely to come true, for me it was to be a singer and I suppose it still is. I wouldn't say I'm a bad singer, I just don't think I have the 'X factor' to get me to be at the same level as Beyonce! In reality, I am hoping to become a fashion journalist and I suppose I set up this blog to help get my writing out there a bit more. I know what your thinking, being a journalist, especially in the field of fashion is still a very hard industry to crack, but I do like a challenge and if I put my mind to something it only makes me work harder until I achieve what I want. 
At this moment, I am looking for internships on magazines to compliment my course and came across an advertisement by, who are seeking bloggers to write under different categories: Celebrity style, Emerging fashion designers, General fashion news and Street-style. I'm not going to lie, all those categories appeal to me, but would it be really greedy/rude/pig-headed to apply for them all? Well anyway, I think I may just do that, you don't get anywhere in life if you don't push for it! I have written this post as part of my application to, so lets hope I do get the position, or that would be somewhat embarrassing. 
I'm currently sat on my sofa, feeling rather ill, (I haven't been taking my tablets - so I suppose I brought this on myself), therefore taking my camera out to try capture a few wonderful finds on the streets of York would be rather taxing to say the least. Instead, I have searched through the pages of the web to see what street-style has already been found. . . 

THANK YOU 'THE STYLE SCOUT' for providing me with these beautiful pictures. 

These pictures were all taken on the streets of London and I have to say I am loving the electric mix, from  'Reggae Chic' to 'Madame Burlesque' (Yes, I am still playing the game, just on other people now too! - If you think I have completely lost it, all is explained in an earlier post).

RiRi look alike? These worker boots are still in the height of fashion and combined with ripped tights and red hair gives it a more 'rock 'n' roll' edgey look. 

Burnt orange - A MUST FOR THIS SEASON!

Here was what I was meaning - 'Reggae chic' 


  1. love those pics and all the style.. i like!

  2. hun btw, i followed you already.. got your msg. i'm confused.

  3. Oh my god she actually does look like Rihanna, it's not even just cos of the hair! :P Some great pics, all so different! xx Good luck with your applications! ^.^

  4. As difficult as it is to get into journalism, I absolutely think you need to push for it. :)

  5. im thinking tomorrow we could find some 'viking warrior chic' for our street stlye photos yeahhh xxxx

  6. Why not!! I'm sure they will have some real vintage looks there :D xxxxx

  7. beautiful photos, those girls really do have style <3

    now following !


  8. omg i can relate to you so much! i wanted to be a fashion designer but reliesed it was never going to happen so now i want to go into journalism. my ideal job would be working at a fashion mag, thats why i started my blog! im also trying to score internships and stuff too! goodluck for your future!



    shop style conquer

  9. very nice blog! love the long dress!
    i am now following you.:)
    I hope you could come and see my blog too.

  10. Oh my god, know what you mean about Rihanna. Maybe it's just the hair haha. I'll follow :) Follow me too? x


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