What I'm wearing - 11th September + a little catch up

It's been a mad week and I still have loads more to do to prepare for the move and starting university, but I can not wait! Here is what I am wearing today:

Headscarf: Vintage
Earrings: Who knows
Blouse: River Island (£22, but there were ten pounds off on selected items yesterday so got it for £12)
Shorts: Vintage
UGG boots finished the look of today - 'Vintage chic' (original I know)

I don't think I told you I did another car-boot yesterday, Mother and I literally spent hours tidying the house, removing things from the loft, spare rooms etc and came up with quite a collection to sell. Of course, I did the stall with Milly Brice and I managed to make £62 pounds, not bad for about four hours of not doing much! (£13 of that came from America dollars I found in one of my old play boxes that I got changed, every little helps, as that big franchise like to say!) 

And my glasses finally arrived! God, they only took like a month to arrive . . . 

Glasses: Ray Ban


  1. Nice pictures. I am sorry i took so long to follow you back, but i haven't had time till yesterday

  2. Lovely look, your glasses look fab :) Haha sounds like fun with the car boot, I really need to get round to sort my stuff out to go with.

    Nominated you for an award on my blog :)


  3. I love those glasses on you. You look so so cute :)


  4. I love your outfit. SO relaxing for me.

    new follower here

  5. Your red sheer top is nice and pairing it with your shorts made the total outfit even nicer! :)

  6. Love the blouse, so pretty! I used to love doing carboot sales, but now I hoard everything I might start going to them to see what bargains I can find! :P x


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