I LOVE my followers!

I just want to thank you all for continually reading my blog, despite the past three days being boring posts! I have only just walked through the door after driving back from Southampton, it's been such a long two days and I can not wait for the comfort of my own bed (only ten more days until its not my bed anymore). I'm nearly at the 100 mark for followers via Google connect and it's so nice to see all the lovely comments people keep leaving me, it's a pleasure to read, so do keep them coming and get me to the 100 mark!

This is the area I am moving to on the 19th . . .

They flats are all part of a Marina complex, overing looking the yachts and harbour. I can't believe that I am actually living there as a first year student, it's going to be fantastic!


  1. It looks like you are moving into a beautiful area! That's awesome! :)


  2. Southampton is so much fun, definitely had the best nights out there! And your flat sounds amazing! XD x


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