What I'm wearing - 31st August

Yet again, I have had such a lovely day. I went into Leeds to see Polly (The arty rah blog)  after her day at (believe it or not) art college and we went for a few drinks and to a little restaurant for a meal. I had never been there before, I think it was called Norman, but anyway, they were offering 'Wednesday Curries' for £5 with your choice of drink included (pretty good I thought) and it tasted amazing. It's been a whole week and a half (!!!!) since I had see this beautiful girl, so we had a lot to chat about and plenty of banter.
This is what I'm wearing today:

Red Lips: Barry M
Scarf: Vintage
Leather Jacket: A shop in Amsterdam
Knitted dress: Topshop
Tights: Good old M&S 
Earrings: They were a present, no idea where they are from.

P.S To whoever it is that keeps leaving me anonymous comments, please don't (they really come across as being rather rude and I will only delete them from my blog!). I have now added further validation to the commenting system and they will only be published if I approve each comment. As for the tags, if you were to read the comments/posts/tweets prior you would realise that I was doing a project on anorexia and many of the images featured here were used in the project - the chocolate cake, an aversion to foods - used in a distorted manner and as part of a collection. Shoes - a link to models and the stereotypical size zero. I very much know that anorexia isn't a lighthearted matter, having being surrounded by people I love dealing with the problem and I myself having an eat disorder when I was only in primary school. If you really have something to say do speak up, but at least have the decency to leave your name. . .otherwise kindly jog on! Rudeness and people jumping to conclusions is something that annoys me incredibly, I'm sorry if I have offended you at any point, but you have offended me.

Once again I would like to thank my loyal readers who leave comments of interest and share their own blogs with myself, please do keep them coming and I will get back to you all.
Lots of love,
Aimee xxx


  1. Love what you're wearing. :] I'm fine with anonymous comments so long as they're not rude. :] x

  2. such a nice scarf! xx



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