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Hey everyone,
Really sorry about the lack of posts recently, I think the exam pressure and celebrations just took over, but I got into my first choice university which was Southampton with the lovely Terri Waters. I'm actually so excited and realised I can commute to London whenever I need, so it's the best of both worlds really. Last night our group went out in York for celebrations and we probably got back in for around four, so not too late LOL. . . (I may add a few photos tomorrow).

I'm starting to feel like a real journalist student now, the ray-ban glasses are on order, the newspapers are coming out, I have subscribed to more magazines and an pad is in discussion with the parents.
I shall be back on the blogging front from now, so everyone stay tuned, keep your comments/emails coming in and I shall reply to you all as soon as possible. Thank you to all my readers despite its content lately.
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  1. Aww congrats on this :) I'm sure you'll loving Journalism I studied it last year as part of my media and comms course and in sept doing online journalism.



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