The day we went charity shopping . . .

I told you the other day I went charity shopping . . it wasn't that successful, but I did have an awesome time! I really couldn't keep a straight face, I think it was because this one woman seemed to be following us everywhere we turned, from charity shop to charity shop (I like to think it's because she knows I am a 'to-be' celebrity and is getting in on the following at an early stage), but think she was just trying to find where to go, that or just was doing what we were doing. Anyway, Polly bought a really cool skirt from Oxfam I believe it was, hopefully next time I will be able to take it a little bit more seriously and find something. . .  (probably not though, I always seem to laugh in all the wrong opportunities and people just think I'm taking the p***) . . . (And What!).


  1. I love thrifting! x

  2. thrift shopping
    is the best, you find the cutest shoulder bag actually and if you go to good ones a whole outfit ;) haha sometimes great books aswell!


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