A Level Results - BEEP!

I have busied myself all day, spending time with one of my best friends - Milly Brice, doing casual everyday things, just to get away from the reality - the reality being university, results and if I have actually succeeded in life. It sounds really OTT, but a lot are riding on these examinations, if I haven't attained the necessary grades, simple as, I won't be going to university, unless I'm lucky enough to be accepted somewhere through clearing.
The hope is Southampton, but then again there is London. Southampton offers an amazing course, I would have someone I already know going, it is genuinely a nice place, but it's Southampton 'Solent,' does that decrease it's reputation, or am I just being very snobby right now? Then London, a few courses have drawn in my attention, I just think London in itself would offer so many more opportunities for me and I could do the fashion writing side, as well as, the music side I aspire to also - I just don't know, I'm a babbling mess that appears to be making no sense at all, yet is trying to retain her cool composure (I'm not even scared). I have spent the last three hours looking into courses that have available places - UAL BA journalism looks promising, but who knows if they would even accept me if I asked to go there . . . I know I'm rambling on, 'IM NOT EVEN PHASED' (That's a lie I really am).
I think the most annoying part is not knowing, I am someone who likes to be in control, someone who has answers to everything, someone (lets not lie) who likes to be centre of attention, but now, I'm none of those things, it's not just about me, there are a million other people in the same predicament as me, waiting . . . not knowing. WHY MAKE ME WAIT? Just get the humiliation over with, tell me I am a stupid fashion loving girl who hasn't got in to the loved place, who isn't going to succeed in life - GOD, the pressure is ridiculous.

What I'm wearing today . . .
Well clothes thankfully,  I see no point in taking pictures of myself when I look a complete and utter mess. . Black Leggings from Topshop, a blue stripped top from Warehouse and a blue vintage blazer paired with a crocodile (fake) handbag.


  1. Nothing wrong with wearing a faux-croc bag. I could never wear real fur or skin :(



  2. Hey doll, I came across your site and I have to say your blog is lovely ! I like your style !
    I am always glad when I found out new interesting blogs to read =) would you like us to follow each other ? Just let me know ! Kisses from Italy



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