How to Declutter Your Life

Decluttering can be liberating and make your home life much more enjoyable and relaxing. You can truly enjoy your home and relaxation time when there isn’t stuff piled up all around you and getting it all cleared away is truly something everyone should try.

Decluttering needs to be an ongoing process and needs to be something that you commit to, the occasional spate of it won’t make a big difference. Below are our top ten tips for decluttering your life and keeping it that way.

Every Day Declutter

Spend fifteen minutes a day decluttering. It could be before you make your dinner or when you get in from work. These fifteen minutes of shipping out things you don’t need and organising those that you do will make a huge difference and it makes the task seem less overwhelming.

No Buy Zone

Once you’ve committed to decluttering then apply a no buy zone to your home. This means you don’t bring anything in to ensure you don’t end up with more things piling up. This means you aren’t going to fill up all your space within days of decluttering it. Of course there are some things you need but no more trips to the car boot sale or charity shops.

Donate or Sell your Stuff

If you’re finding it hard to part with items then think about donating them to charity. If you’ve got a pile of perfectly good possessions then explore all avenues.  If you have thought that maybeyou can sell your old stuff for cash  then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Go back to those boot sales but have your own stall so you sell rather than buy or even consider selling online.

One Room at a Time

Start by decluttering a single room and embrace how good this feels. Once one room is clean you’ll have the impetus to do the others as the clean room will feel so much better than the rest of your home.  You’ll probably want to spend all your time in the decluttered room because it feels so much better and it’s a great motivator to get started on the rest of your home.

Limit Space

Halve the amount of storage space you have. If you limit storage space then you have limit your stuff because you’ll simply have nowhere to put it. Minimise the boxes, bags, shelves and cupboards in your home and soon enough you’ll have to get rid of all your excess stuff.

Six-Month Rule

It can be hard but when it comes to clothes we like to employ a six-month rule. This means you should give your wardrobe a thorough check every six months and if you find anything you haven’t worn in that period (seasons permitting) it’s time to donate it or get it sold.

One In, Two Out

If you genuinely do need to buy something for your home then live by the rule which says every item in means two must go. It could be two shirts in exchange for a jacket or two broken gadgets in exchange for a new laptop. In any circumstances you’re keeping the clutter down.


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