Sunday fun day #Newyorkdollfit

Breakfast: Mackerel and vegetables, with a Greet Tea

Snack: Broccoli, chickpea and linseed salad

Lunch: Turkey with mixed vegetables glazed in honey

Snack: Apple and Banana

Dinner: Roast Chicken and mixed vegetables

10 min HIIT

Squats - (4 sets, reps of 10-12)
1 at 40kg
3 at 70kg

Squats - (2sets, reps of 12-15)
2 sets at 60kg

Legs press - 2 minutes

One leg squat with bar - 6 reps each leg

Leg extension

2 minutes cardio

Ab work:
Plank - maximum
Side plank - 1 min each side
Plank with butt kicks

Repeat x3:
Russian twists
Weighted crunches
Full crunch
Side crunches


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