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Malaysia & Singapore

Anyone who knows me, understands how much I want to travel and how hopefully one day I will be able to take a year out and for fill my dreams. However, whilst I continue my studies at LCF, summer is the only time I get to explore. Last year saw my arrival in Africa, travelling through Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa, undertaking project work and indulging in the local safaris. With that destination off the checklist for the mean while, my next area to visit is Singapore & Malaysia. Not only does their culture and fashions intrigue me, but also there are so many key attractions of note that I would like to venture to.  Top places of choice are:
1.     Orchard Road – A fashionistas heaven and a bloggers paradise! This street is the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore, with shopping centres targeting apposing audiences on the same road, from high end to high street. One of the main malls there is called Knightsbridge, a take on London’s luxury area. It would be interesting to see how we translate to them, hosting big brands such as Topshop and Abercrombie & Fitch. The area is always playing host to fashion shows and launch parties with Samsung Fashion Night Out taking place recently. A 6-week event that showcased the latest trends with outdoor catwalk displays.

It looks so beautiful by day and night, everything there seems to be done to such an amazing standard.
Three attractions I must visit are:
Singapore Flyer – The biggest observation wheel in the world! I haven’t been on the London eye, or even the York one for that matter, but if I’m to start going on them, shouldn’t I start with the best? Standing at 165m, it is the same height as a 42-storey building, rather impressive!

The Batu Caves

The Singapore zoo – home to over 37 endangered species and offers an overnight safari, it is something that shouldn’t be missed off the list. 

 Malaysian street-style and food

Who wouldn’t want to submerge themselves in the culture right from the heart of the streets! Looking at Malaysia cuisine pictures on instagram just makes me want to go so much more, cause food is definitely a weakness of mine.  I am forever posting pictures of recent meals I have indulged in on various social networking sites, love to post on the occasional Londoners style and feel the element of how different and exciting their choices are to ours makes the place a whole lot more enticing.

I love the atmosphere you get at busy street markets, the smells, the noises, it’s all so much fun trying foods you have no clue over what they are, pushing past people and finding new a exciting oddments. My only idea of how it would actually be is a hotter, cooler version of Brick Lane or Camden.

Shopping and food are two big elements of my life, but those aren’t the only areas of the two destinations I would like to explore.

Both Malaysia and Singapore look like incredible places to take a vacation, if I could go this minute I would. You could be in with the chance to win a pair of tickets to these fantastic destinations simply by voting on the Malaysia Airlines Facebook Page. The company has been noted for its incredible service and standard and there is no better way to reach such an amazing destination. 


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