Henry Holland Internship #workinglife

Today was my first day interning for Henry Holland and boy was I rather busy. I thought they would try and ease me in gently, but believe me they didn't. I have a thing about being late, so gave myself an extra hour to travel, just incase I got lost. Maybe somewhat generous considering I was travelling from Brick lane to Hoxton, but whatever. After arriving early I trolled the paths of Hoxton in search of streetart.

I was rather early as you can tell, from the amount of pictures I was able to take. Anyway, once I had arrived I was shown around and was set on the task of showcasing the latest collection on rails for a potential buyer that was coming for a meeting with one of the girls later that day. 

From there I went to Kensington to pick up a few items, took them to a tailors just past Lewisham and then back to the office. This was like a 3 hour round trip and I thought I'd be able to do a more slow paced activity from there. NO NO, I was immediately sent out again to take a belt to a place just of Bethnal Green and back again, oh and back to a point just past that to pick up some invoices and then back again to the previous point to drop off a pattern. That sums up my day really, but despite having walked miles and being exhausted I did have an enjoyable day. 


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