Finally dip dyed my hair

After taking inspiration from my lecture yesterday, I went ahead and dip dyed my hair. It has actually been something I have wanted to do for a long time now, but have been far to scared to commit to the process. I thought, 'god bleaching my hair, it's just going to end in it breaking off,' so I spent a lot of time building the strength of my hair before going ahead and doing this. Anyway, here are the finished pictures. I used a product called Bblonde, which worked pretty well on the hair and doesn't smell as harsh as some other bleaching products and left it for the shortest amount of time for my hair type (20 minutes), as I didn't want to over process my hair. I think I will do another session next month to make it that bit lighter again and from there I will add colours, like pastel pink and lavender.

All I have to do now it grow it to the length I want! 


Thank you for all your comments, I will endeavour to reply back to you all, but for a quicker response tweet me on @Aimee_Victoria

Aimee xxx