Creative Catalyst Judith Seng #artwednesdays

I had a lecture today titled 'Creative Catalyst' and I have to say it was probably one of the best lectures I have sat through. The professor was pure comedic genius and his sarcastic overtones truly engaged my sense of humour. He even went onto say that our 15 years of education has led us all to become institutionalised and we need to 'play' around to find out our 'creative.' Basically, I just need to find out who I am by having a lot of fun and not conforming to society because I feel it necessary to do so. No wonder some of the most influential faces of fashion are rather crazy, with advice like that. So. . . tonight, I must dye my hair any colour I feel, go out and have a wicked time and experience life, as this is all research, my lecturer said so!

Judith Seng came up in conversation today, her use of colour and texture allows us to see that any one colour isn't set to a standard of rules, it can be a multitude of tones and hues. Much of her cracked, flacking and dip-dyed aesthetic is appearing in clothing, hair styles and everyday life at the moment.

STICK IT TO THE MAN! (haha i'm so School of Rock) 


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