All moved in #Bricklane

Well here it goes . . . I drove down from York to Southampton yesterday, to collect all my items from the flat I was living in last year. Believe me, it did take a while, who knew I had so much stuff, from old pieces of clothing I never knew I had to countless beauty products. I have gone from a spacious 2 bed open apartment to a small room within the compound of university halls, big difference, let me tell you that! But, hey ho. I have managed to cram everything in and it's my new home from home, well I've only been here a few hours, but we can be hopeful.

Unfortunately, there isn't anyone in my flat at the moment, two girls  (4 more to still arrive) have already moved in and seemed to have bounded pretty well, thus going out shopping together today whilst I unpacked everything with my father. They still haven't returned, so here I am typing at my laptop, wishfully thinking someone may walk through the door at anytime. I just want to get those awful/awkward first time meets out the way. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't totally rude and ignored them whilst I moved endless boxes of shit into my room, oh no, I did say hi etc, but I don't know their names yet. HURRY UP AND BEFRIEND ME. Now I'm thinking, well what if they don't like me, what if I don't make any friends and I'm just this lonely little blogger who stays in the confides of her own room, trying to make a cool blog and miserably failing - kind of stressing myself out some what!

I did however find a cool shop on Brick Lance I must go back to, in fact A LOT of cool shops I must go back to, I can already see where all my money will be going in the next year. One being Religion. . .


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