Arteecollage Speed Track Pants

I'm not sure how many of you have come across Arteecollage yet, but quite frankly you should have. They are a clothing brand that aims to deliver unique, avant-garde pieces, with a true urban chic aesthetic. As an outcome, their basic apparel is practical, comfortable and of the uttermost quality.

Anyone who knows  me will know I am a little bit of a gym freak (admittedly it my have lapsed over the past few weeks), with yoga and pilates being of preference when it comes to choosing an evening class after work. My biggest fear when it comes to going to these classes is not if I'm going to break into a sweat and be unable to render myself into some of the truly awkward positions that is expected of you, but what to wear. Half of the class are in casual baggy Tee's with jogger bottoms and the other look as though they are just about to take part in the olympics. I wanted to create a good balance, as though I cared about my look, but not too much, I mean I have an image to uphold and that can't be tarnished just because I'm 'trying' to work out. My choice was the Speed Track Pants.

Priced at £30.00 (due to the sale that is taking place) they were a great buy. Made from Modal Jersey these super soft drawstring pants were a loose, comfortable fit that allowed me to stretch and move around in with ease. You can purchase yours from the official Arteecollage store - NOW. 

There are some really lovely key pieces to mix and match these bottoms with as well, both on their web store and Ebay store, so go and have a gander.


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