Morning fix . . .8th February

I must embark upon the route of work . . . university work that is, but before I do I thought I would fit in my morning fix.

I love this version of Cosmic love, in fact I am in love with florence. Her songs always have a religious undertone, with many of videos taking a gothic backdrop - it's given me inspiration for a current unit I am on at university and hopefully when it's down I will be able to share it with you, but anyway, enough of that . . on to the fashion.

These spike pumps are everywhere, I featured them yesterday and I do realise it is the same model, however, I saw them so much around university yesterday and my flatmate has as pair from Topshop. They did get a mixed response yesterday, but maybe you'll like them more with this aesthetic. Overall, this outfit is rather feminine with a twist - what do you think? 

I still can't get over her hair, it's incredible, so striking! The jumper is bang on trend, it's another item I have been seeing everywhere - River Island is doing a great range in different colours at the moment, so I suggest your next pit stop be there, oh right after you follow my blog that is. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes, I will have to get myself a pair of those shoes, they are incredible!

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  1. the spiked flats are so pretty.

  2. loving the new florence album- i have it on repeat every day! x

  3. love the white and red outfit with those shoes! gorgeous!

  4. Loving the red skirt and blue pants! ♥

  5. I love the accesories, the ring and the belt, that is...

  6. Im totally in love with the last outfit!

  7. now following please folow back.



  8. Such great textures in all these pics. Wow. And the red skirt. How adorable!

  9. I love the combinations of clothes (:!
    CMPang x

  10. I am the hugest fan of Florence & the Machine too. I like all the outfits you've selected, great inspiration. All the best with your uni work

  11. i love that colourful sweater, looks fun

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer


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