Creative Aches

Once know as the Art Rah, Polly Robinson, aka my bessie, has renamed herself as Creative Aches and promises to be the next big blog on the market . . . we will have to see about that.

She's an art student, so likeS to think herself to be edgy and cool, well - hmmmm, she's okay I suppose, fairly standard, but I love her nonetheless and I suggest you take a look at her blog- CLICK HERE

Clearly, she's really vain and she has recently posted pictures of herself online - I suppose she gets away with it because she's fit. Anyway, like I said before, go have a look for yourself! 

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  1. haha love it !! and i never claimed im going to be the next big think on the market !! xxxx

  2. will check out !
    creative art students are creative :D


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