A little bit of noise

On Sunday, I posted an acoustic cover of Jessie Jay's song Nobody's Perfect (Click here to listen), but this version puts me to shame. I came across this version today and fell in love with it, what an artist.

A few other songs I am loving at the moment are: Florence and the Machine Shake it Out and loads of acoustic covers. 

In particular, Marina and the Diamonds version of Starstruckk

What should I do as my next cover for Saturday? 

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  1. love florence and the machine

  2. Yes, i love florence and the machine... awesome!! I am now following you, would love for you to follow back. And thank you for the message.. loving your blog!!

    xo everything-pretty.com

  3. Jessie J is a great artist and I love Florence ant the machine.


  4. Cool tunes! Love Marina and the diamonds!

  5. i love florence... her music makes me happy!!!

  6. Love these artists - especially Florence!

    Emma xx


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