My friend thinks I'm too white + a new cover

I am half black, you wouldn't think it if you heard my accent, saw my mannerisms or compared my skin tone with other mixed race people, however, I am in fact of ethic descendants - the nose gives it away. My best friend even said I wasn't 'black enough' and that I need to get a spray tan, so this is my natural colour, no tan . . . I will update you in a few days on my progress.

Really poor lighting - my bad, I do have my desk light on, so that will be the issue. Anyway, as I didn't upload a cover this Saturday I thought I would today - it's an acapella version of Jessie Jay's Nobody's perfect. I think I may do this for open mic night on Wednesday, what do you think? 


  1. I don't think your skin is that light to be getting a spray tan!
    I'm quarter white but I just look light skin black lol.

    Your singing is amazing, you have a really powerful voice!
    I followed :)

  2. your skin is perfect! don't let anyone tell you different, we are not all meant to look exactly alike ;-)

  3. You are beautiful and we all come in different shades and hues. You have a beautiful voice. I was pleasantly surprised when you started singing and that big ol voice came out...LOL. When I heard you I thought about Etta James, Phoebe Snow, Sandra St. Victor and N'Dambi. All completely different artists, but powerful voices like yours. So glad you stopped by! Love your blog and now FOLLOWING

  4. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT think you need a spray tan babe... *confused face* "Black enough"? lol I wish you could see me DYING of laughter, are you and your skin is lovely as it is, and your voice is lovely and your blog is lovely....etc etc etc...I love that video you can sing your ass off! I will definitely be back ~FLLWD~ TTYS

    ~Tea xo

  5. girl you can sing your @$$ off! :) you're beautiful just the way you are.

  6. Just be you. This statement(not black enough) always seems to come up close to Feb. during African American month. I dunno why that happens, but it would stir up trouble at my school. Its wonderful you come from so many backgrounds..and know so much about different cultures. Just embrace..and keep singing!

  7. Your skin is perfect.. you do not need a spray tan! You have a great voice!

  8. You do not in any way need a spray tan!

    and boy can you sing! you have a great voice.


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