Look of the week: What we leave behind - Sobotka

What does the future hold?

"When it’s the end of the world and there’s nothing left but dusty mirages- what does it mean to be a modern woman? Who are we going to become? Where can we go from here? And most importantly, what are we going to wear when we get there?"
A collection inspired by a whole host of questions, most we can't answer - only seek inspiration from them. 'What we leave behind - s/s 12' by Megan Marie Doge, who graduated from Parson in 2010, is unique and provoking. 

Multi-tone colours, brights and fluoro are of note in this collection, with paint like affects, mid-length and cropped tees creating the backdrop. Creepers seem to be a huge trend once again and I am seeing them everywhere, the shoes above are so reminiscent of that style, just a bit different in peach. I love this blazer below! 

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  1. awsome post you have very intresting blog
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  2. looks like the future holds pretty spring floral prints of brightness & fun! big likes here. :)

  3. Love the colours! I'm really liking kaleidoscope prints, I've got my eye on a skirt in Topshop with a similar print :)


  4. Such lovely colors. :)

  5. Nice colors!!!!!! :)


  6. That looks so inspiring :) xoxo ♥


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