What will I look like by the end of the day?

Everyone reading this will have seen a picture of me, there is even one to the left of this post, with some rather attractive men I must say. My 'About' page is full of pictures as well, with this in mind you'll know my hair isn't that interesting. It's naturally a dark brown, not even a nice dark brown, fairly standard, so I decided to dye it. It seemed like such a large step from the dark brown to black - OMG, what is she going to do next - this girl is cray cray.
Well anyway, the black has faded somewhat and I thought I'd be adventerous and go . . . Beyonce. Is that even a colour? Anyway, that's the colour I am going, think back to the cover of her B-day album and that is the picture I will be showing the hair dresser later today. Wish me luck, with my track record on success, I'll end up looking like a frizzy-haired-ginger-poodle! Oh golly. . . I will post a video up later on my 'new hair.'

Although I do quite like this shade:


  1. how fun! its exciting to change your hair color, i can't wait to see

  2. Beyonce has an amazing hair colour. I can't wait to see how it turns out!


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  4. Oh good luck changing your hair color! I bet it's going to come out beautiful. I wish I ahd the guts to change my hair, I always wanted to be a red head but...no guts right now.
    Mary from http://meowwzie.blogspot.com

  5. good luck on the color... i've never been brave enough to do it!

  6. Ohh can't wait, you are going to look gorgeous!

  7. Can't wait to see!

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