I hate public transport!

I suppose that is a little lie, it can be great, but right now I am not enjoying my journey. The fact I am travelling from Huddersfield to Southampton with five changes and six hours to will away is rather boring - oh and lets not forget that this train is packed! I spent the first twenty minutes of my journey sat on the floor with people climbing over me to try and find a seat and when I finally got to my reserved seat there is some boy sleeping over his seat and mine - do I just wake him up? If I was in a bad mood I probably would, but he seems dead to the world, there is so much background noise, yet he is sleeping like a baby. I am now sitting in the seat next to the one I am meant to be in, lets hope no one asks me to move or I will be waking that boy up.
To be fair he has got good style, I may ask him for a street-style photo if he decides to grace me with presence. Think urban street meets country, chinos, hoody, baseball cap, Barbour jacket. It sounds like it wouldn't work, but well done him, he is pulling it off.

I did say I would make a video of my 'new hair,' but unfortunately that didn't go to plan. I couldn't get it done because the person I had booked in had no idea how to do my hair. I mean I did book into a white hairdressers, thinking I'm sure they will be able to just dye it . . . they don't have to cut it, or style, simply add the colour and I'll go to my usual hairdressers to get the rest done. Oh no, "I'm very sorry Aimee, but I am going to have to send you away today, as I'm not sure what type of product to use on your hair type ," brilliant. Why couldn't you say that when I booked my appointment, you saw I had black (mixed to be exact) hair. White people! I do love white people, my dads white, I'm half white, but they never know how to do my hair.

Today, I did go to Huddersfield to my usual hairdressers, they knew what they were doing (bless their little cottons), I have gone slightly lighter, but I have to have a few more conditioning treatments before I can go as light as I want to go. Hopefully, I will have Beyonce's locks soon. I will post a few photos tomorrow on the hair, as taking webcam pictures of myself right on probably wouldn't go down to well.  I would come across as a vain, fashion conscious girl (oh wait, I am).
Here are a few fashion finds within the post! 

Saturday sounds will now feature me doing covers of my favourite songs, rather than featuring artists. . . Well, I may just do both, we'll see. 
Have a great weekend dolls xxx


  1. I hate it too!! Or not always, but I'd rather go by car lol.. x

  2. i love this dress, pretty and soft

  3. Amazing items!!!!
    Love the DVF IPad case!!!!

  4. I also hate public transit. It sounds like you had a really really long day of it! And that is too bad about your hair. They really should have let you know this before you booked the appointment. How frustrating!


  5. That peach dress is exquisite!

  6. The peach dress is exquisite.
    Also not a fan of public transport.

  7. the bra is amazing!!!


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