I love finding new artists and finding music I love as a product of it. Someone I came across last week was Sophia, 18. I'm sure if you haven't heard of her already you will be hearing her music played everywhere soon, as the young pop princess is going to hit the music scene with a bang! 

Having been classical trained and later going on to study at Sheffield's College of Music, the exceedingly gifted singer has only the desire to reach her goals. She was born in Dubai, which gives her music an edge and gives her her foreign look - I must say she is stunning! 

With influences such as J-Lo and Rihanna, you'll feel as though she has been around for years and love everything she has produced, being both a singer and songwriter. 

Don't just take my word for it, have a listen yourself. Her debut single 'Till We Die' is now available for download. 



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  2. never heard of her before, but she is really talented :)

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  3. Thanks for sharing hun. Definitely gonna try. :)


  4. the song is very nice
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  5. I didn't know her and she has an amazing voice, you're right, plus I like the dance tune ! Kisses

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  6. oh my god ! your hair is the best ! love it !
    xoxo from spain love

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    Nice blog;)

    xx Laura

  8. I have met this lovely woman and she let me have a photo taken with her. I see her not just as an artist that I follow but as a friend now. Her voice is amazing and do think she will do very well, once she has been given the chance xxx


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