I still have flour matted into my hair . . .

Last night saw my 'welcome' to the hockey team, as an 'official' member, and I have to say it was truly horrific. We have all seen those university based films where students perform silly things and complete a number of tasks for their initiations into a society, but you never actually think they go on in real life, but believe me they do. After watching the boys matches in the afternoon, we were blindfolded and taken to a secret location. The journey itself was bad enough, going round windy roads and up hills, left us feeling rather sick. From there, we were taken out of the car and led up to the house. After unveiling our location (a member of the teams house) we had to rank all the boys in the hockey team and apparently they did the same for us. If you hadn't guessed, the boys and girls were separated at this point, both holding their initations at different venues. Our phones were taken off us and we weren't allowed to take any pictures, as under university rules, the type of behave to follow isn't acceptable.

The games had begun - we all had to down  the 'funnel' - basically it was a funnel attached to a short hose-pipe, where in which they filled it will alcohol and you had to drink it as fast as you could; otherwise it would go all over your hair/clothes etc. Many people found that hard, as most of the girls don't drink beer, a few weaker ones amongst us were sick at the first hurdle, but everyone persevered.

Next saw 'the boat race,' we were divided into two teams and had to race against each other to down a (smartprice) larger, if we couldn't finish it we had to throw it over our heads. Yet again, we had a few 'vomers,' but everyone still managed to carry on. It was quite funny seeing all the girls that had said: "I don't think I'm going to wash my tonight" cover themselves in different forms of alcohol. Apparently, those two 'games' were just to ease us into the rest of the night, we had no idea what we had instore for us.

Shaving foam, flour, eggs came to the forefront  and as we completed the next challenge they were being thrown at us. Remaining in our two different groups we each went through a little 'assault course,' considering of 20 star jumps, a 'dirty pint' (basically, old veg, cream, alcohol, baked beans and anything else they could find thrown into a large pint glass, which we had to down, if we couldn't it went over our heads or down our pants), running round in a circle ten times (so you got completely dizzy and fell to the floor), bobbing for apples (in water that was filled with tuna, oil, foam, baked juices, water - you name it, it was in there - and it smelt disgusting), bobbing for eggs in flour, eating ten dry crackers without any water or licking your lips, downing a pint, putting two tampons in your and down another pint - if you hadn't been sick already, you were by the end of it. The sheer smell was enough to make anyone gag.

By then, I looked and smelt like a complete and utter . . well I can't even think of a word to describe myself, it was vial - but actually so much fun at the same time.

Second to last, we were tied up in pairs and sent on the the streets in search of a condom and a pair of boys boxers, we were allowed to do anything to get them and most of us went and knocked at peoples houses asking for them. Just imagine how we looked doing this, thankfully, it was a highly student populated area and people took it as the norm. Of course, we had to do shots along the way.

Finally, it was over, we ended with another 'funnel' and we had successful 'joined' the hockey team. After shower (I did have to share a shower with one of my best friends Amber), we ate at our hockey mums houses' and went out for a fun filled evening with the boys at a few nightclubs. The theme was school girls

Amber and I getting all cleaned up. The picture above is me trying to look happy and normal after such a weird start to the night. I still had (actually have right now) flour in my hair. I have washed my hair at least 5 times and it just wont go, it's matted into the roots! 


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