Balenciaga Bit Buckle Ankle Boot

Although it holds a hefty price tag, I do like these boots - if only I could afford them. Christmas wish-list? 


  1. The shoes are nice... they better be for the price! To me, they don't LOOK like they're worth that much. Maybe they're super comfy? lol

  2. Love the buckle detail xoxo

  3. enjoyed reading your blog and following! keep in touch okay.


  4. Of course, I would love to follow you. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  5. Wow I love it!!!
    Beautiful page facebook!!
    Have a nice weekend!!

    Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela

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  7. Wow,gorgeous boots,shame there so expensive.
    Thanks for your comment,Bedford Place :D, I cant remember the last time I've been out either,just don't seem to ever have the time.
    Its so wierd knowing another blogger who's from the same place as me :D
    Hope your well,glad you liked the link x Hope you have a fab weekend.

  8. Expensive but fabulous!!! Definitely in my wish least and let's hope that Santa can hear us!

  9. wow! i could never afford those but man would i strut around if i did!
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  10. hello from usa! you have a fantastic blog. :) i enjoyed the various features on your posts, and you are a talented writer. totally following, and i hope to stay connected with your blog. cheers!


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