House Music 2011

I miss the days of house music, this is me singing the opening to Gold-digger something we tried to turn into a choral piece back in my school days. The quality isn't very good and I don't know what you'll all make of my singing, but this is the first item I have posted of myself performing - I hope you like it, but please don't be too brutal. There is a reason I am posting this item and I will tell you all about it later.


  1. You sounded great!! Wow, that is so cool. I could never get on stage. I'm really impressed. :)

  2. Wow What an amazing voice you have. I am following you now on GFC. (I hope) I keep getting a lot of errors when I try to follow whith the top of the page button.

  3. Sounds pretty neat! =D

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  4. Won't show up on this old iPad. :(

  5. Wow, you have an amazing and powerful voice ! So talented ! I wish you the best of success ! Kisses and be proud of yourself !

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