Tyra Banks goes a little crazy

I do love this woman, she is gorgeous, intelligent and a diva in her own right. I even named a my cat after her - how cool am I? (Rhetorical question - please don't answer in a comment, or that could get a little embarrassing for me). A lecture I was in earlier today spoke about how we should produce a blog with a particular theme, this theme being of our choice and to be quite specific. Considering, I have been blogging for nearly a year now, I am going to continue with this blog and use it as part of my university work. The theme being fashion, obviously, why would I change it at this point? And in particular items I like, but I can't not share this video with you, as I do like Tyra Banks and she does technically fall under the category of fashion.

A few years back she was filmed, on her American's Next Top Model show, loosing her usually calm and caring decorum, after conflicting attitudes arose with a contestant. Just have a look at the video, as it still makes me laugh to this day.


  1. I cannot stand Tyra banks! She is so ridiculous, but she gives good face!

  2. I love Tyra as well. I think she has accomplished so much and really has turned herself into a brand. She is definitely an inspiration. But what I love most about every time I watch that video, is seeing how truly passionate she is. The video is hilarious to watch, as well!


  3. I like Tyra Banks,she is really inspiring!:-)))

  4. OMG hahahaha I remember seeing this and I agree, it's STILL too funny. Tyra Banks is beautiful talented, successful...but sometimes she can get a little crazy, most definitely! Thx for sharing I def needed this laugh! hehe

    xx, Ally


  5. This was shown in Finland too, crazy stuff. :D I think Tyra took it a bit too personally. Great entertainment anyways. :D

  6. I saw this video at the time, nontheless I think that she is so passionate that I cannot help but to admire her!!! Even if the video is hilarious!

  7. Tyra Banks is totally bat-shit crazy, and I love it.

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  8. fame has gone all the way to her head!


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