I have no time!!

Literally, I am sitting at my computer desk frantically ticking off things I have done today and deliberating on what else needs to be done before I go to bed. I have a diary specifically devoted for things which need to be done and another for all the lectures/meetings/events I have to attend (somewhat OCD, I know, but if I don't write it all down I will forget . . . and have a melt down!).
I feel as though I'm a headless chicken most times of the day, I'll be sitting reading a book and my mind will flit from one thing to another, thinking about what needs to be done next and how many words my next assignment is. I also believe drinking coffee at this time of day is a bad idea, as during my italian class I burst out in fits of laughter, for no apparent reason and felt as though I wasn't on this planet!

So today . . .what it entailed: basically . . . 3 hours of lectures, an hour speech from the editor-in-chief of the Daily Echo, a two hour italian class, 2 hours in the library and a quick stop in River Island to buy a new skirt. I have to say, I never really liked that shop, but it has definitely gone up in my estimations. They have a great collection in at the moment and I'm loving the mix in textures many of the items have, from the fur and leather combination; to wool and lycra (it sounds weird, but it actually looks really nice).
Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, as well as the hast in this post . . reading the post back I can just hear my annoying voice rushing on. I hope you all had a great day and I be up early tomorrow to do a morning fix.
Lots of Love ,


  1. I'm sorry that you're feeling so busy and overwhelmed! I hope that things calm down soon! (I'm hoping the same thing for myself as well!)



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