Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model

I have had the best day ever; its been such a long time since I have enjoyed myself this much. I'm not going to lie to you, it was an early start (5:30am); but I did get to meet a few handsome men, great fashion designers, and some fantastic people in general. Don't worry, I shall be filling you in over time on what I saw, who I met and what New York Doll has in store for you over the coming weeks.

I promise plenty of collaborations with boutiques and designers, so lets look forward to a few giveaways and maybe the odd modelling opportunity here and there. I am so excited for all this to start and thank you for all your lovely comments and emails you have been sending me over the past fews days.  Everything has been really busy and I am still a little ill, but lets push that aside and look forward to what we have to come.

This maybe one of the reasons why I'm in such a good mood:


  1. Amazing picture :D No wonder you had such a great time! Love to know more about all this,sounds like you had an amazing time,with some fantastic oppurtunities x
    Thanks for your sweet comment.Happy Halloween x


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