What I'm wearing - 4th September

Instead of going to an audition in London today, I did a car-boot sale (okay, it seems like a silly decision, but very logical in the long run, as I can do the audition again in January when I have more time for rehearsals and I am not met with the frantic sorting needed for the start of university). Anyway, back to the car-boot sale, after arriving at 8am, having got up at 6am (!!!!) we pitched our stand and unloaded all the merchandise, (I use that term very lightly), we had. Of course we managed to get the worst spot on the whole area, but what of it, we worked with it. . . but not so well with the people! Really, is £2 too expensive for a hardback book, a really pretty boxed ring and £1 for DVDs/PS2 games? No, I didn't think so, but 'these' people seemed to think it was. It was going well to say the least, but things picked up (somewhat) and we managed to make more money than our rival stall, much to his dismay, with us being car-booting virgins and him an avid weekly goer! Three and a half hours later we shut shop, as that everyone else had shut theirs and totalled our profits . . . hmm, well PROFITS, not really, but Milly made £9.50 after the deduction of sellers costs and buying a ring and I made £13.50 (after tax).
This is what i'm wearing today:

Very very casual today, but I had to be comfortable whilst grafting! 
Knitted top: Jane Norman (a surprise considering I never shop there) 
Jeggings: River island 

Worn with Ugg boots and a green jacket from H&M. 


  1. Sounds like a productive day! I'm glad you beat the rival seller! Always a good thing. :D And that outfit is super cute. Love that sweater!


  2. I love your top and I'm the same when it comes to Jane Norman never shop in there. I want to try car booting as I have some old junk from the shed but gotta say it would be hard getting up early in the morning haha.


  3. Awww, I love this look on you. You look so cozy! :)

  4. love your sweater! :)

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  5. Loving all your braceletss :)
    & the top from jane norman looks really comfy, i always mean to go in there but I never seem to see anything!! x

  6. very comfy outfit but i love it! :)
    Maybe we can follow to each other?


  7. Anyone who does't love jeggings just does not understand jeggings. You can do so much with them. You look great, honey!

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