K.Brat - A new designer on the town?

Designer Keren Brat, founder of K.Brat, is a relatively new face on block, only establishing her brand in 2008. I'm in awe of the A/W 2011 collection, (which I shall go on to showcase later in the post), so I'm sure the  S/S 2012 collection 'Drops of Light' will live up to expectations. It is inspired by something I personally find quite interesting - the mythical gods of death in Tibetan Buddhism and Mexican Folklore. I can't say I'm an expert on the subject, but both idols (Yama - lord of the death and Santa Muerte - the saint of death) hold terrifying qualities to outsiders of the culture, but can offer support and great relief to their believers. The dichotomy between fear and comfort (rough and soft) give the backdrop for the collection. 

A/W 2011

The use of panels and cut out segments is something I really like, I don't try it often, as usually you find 'segments' being cut out in all the wrong places, but I may just give these dresses a go and I hope you do as well. 


  1. Oh wow. The details on these dresses are lovely. Very interesting and unique.


  2. They are really nice dresses aren't they! Something quite different as well. xxx

  3. cool, blog! followed back :)



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