What I'm wearing - 14th September (INCLUDING A NEW FRINGE!!)

I went to the hairdressers today, I don't know what I was thinking, but Kelly Rowland's imagine on the X Factor came into mind. My thoughts were, she's black, I can model my image off her . . . maybe, so I went for a full fringe. - God knows why. I think I thought it would be very 'High-Fashion' and something a little bit different, well it certain is something different i'll tell you that. As you can tell, from the tone in my speech, I'm very unsure about the 'new look,' maybe it will just take some time getting use to, lets hope!
Anyway, I didn't really make an effort to go to the hairdressers, although, maybe I should have, having to sit in-front of those god-awful mirrors, you all know the ones I mean. The ones where you just seem to look terrible from every angle, it clearly highlights the fact you're not wearing any make-up and you're sat their making idol gossip to your hairdresser of the time - brilliant. However, that's enough of my waffle, here is what I'm wearing today:

Jumper/top: Vintage
Trouser: Zara 

Here it is up close and personal . . . 


  1. I LOVE THE FRINGE!! Really do! It suits you so well! I have had a full fringe twice and both times couldn't wait for it to grow out, partly because it annoyed me (too lazy to style it! :P) and cos it really didn't suit me like it does you! You have to keep it! :D xxx p.s. gorgeous jumper! XD

  2. ohhhh i actually love it, i was worried when you told me you werent sure but i really like it !!!! xxxx

  3. Your fringe looks lovely, I know what you mean though about getting used to it. I didn't like mine when I first got it but now do :)


  4. oh wow. you're beautiful:) I really like your photos


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