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As I type, I am sitting in Apostrophe, surrounded by affluent people enjoying a series of homemade juice drinks, coffees, pastries and sandwiches . . . I have to say they are rather nice! I consumed with ease a mexican chicken sandwich filled with, obviously chicken, tomatoes, onion, guacamole and sour cream all in a crusty baguette (maybe not the best idea, considering I am going to meet someone later about a possible internship!), a bottle of water and finally a natural raspberry yoghurt.

I have to say, I am trying to kill some time, as I am scheduled to meet Malcolm of Tank Magazine after 2:30pm. I don't want to look to keen by arriving over an hour early, so I thought I would try catch up on my blog. Having this hour of free time is quite weird for me, as the past few days have been so busy! After moving to Southampton on Monday, it has literally been non-stop. We collected and signed the rest of the papers for our flat at 9:30am, which didn't actually take too long, after unloading my VAN, yes I did say van (which we hired, as I had so many things to bring) and Terri's two cars we went onwards to Ikea. As a place my Dad absolutely loathes we had to be as quick as possible and I think 2 hours and a half, buying in total, 2 beds, a dining table, 2 work desks, 4 dining chairs, 2 work chairs and a coffee table, we did quite well!

Just a few of our purchases featured on Terri's trolley above, look at the pure exhaustion in her face - spending money is a hard job, but I guess someone has to do it.
We still have a few more buys to transact, such as a bed for the spare bedroom, bean bags and such (as we don't have a sofa as of yet, but I can't complain (we have done very well for students!). Below you can see a picture of the lounge (unfurnished obviously, but I shall try get some furnished pictures up so far, as long as a 'What I'm wearing' post)

Please do keep commenting and I will get back to you all as soon as possible, but do bare in mind I have a list of things to do as long as my arm and I start university properly next week (along with Freshers on Thursday). Anyway, lets hope I get this internship and did I tell you I got the TellusFashion blogger position?? . . . Well I did and when I start posting there I shall send some links to my other pieces. Thanks for all your continued support, I love hearing from you all  :)
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