What I'm wearing - 11th August

I still haven't changed the way I left my room as of yet, I think I shall tackle it later today. Anyway, I decided to go shopping and see what else I could add to the wardrobe. . . This is 'what i'm wearing:'

I really couldn't be bothered to find a nice outfit today, so this is what I threw together, which wasn't on the floor . . . I seem to be wearing this blazer far far far to often, so lets hope we don't see it on here for a while. The tights are from Marks and Spencer and are so comfortable and warm, with an almost fleece like material lining them - lush. The knitted tunic top/dress is from Mango and I got it about a year ago now and the bag is Gucci. 


  1. i love it!!
    especially the blazer and the bag!!!


  2. I love the whole outfit! It looks so comfy, yet so put together at the same time!


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