Inspired . . .

I know it's rather early, but I just can't sleep. My body clock has really changed, its early nights and early mornings for me . . . I feel so old! Well anyway, to entertain myself before I head off to the opticians I was looking through different blogs/websites and found some really cool looks/style. Here is what I found:

'Ring My Bell' by Ashley Madekwe, I think she is absolutely stunning and always seems to look effortlessly beautiful in everything she wears! I have to say I am very jealous, if only I could look like that.

Yet another Ashley, spotted in LA, looks really cute with a 'rock 'n' roll' edge!

Ray Ban glasses seem to be everywhere and I'm secretly hoping I do need glasses, just so I can get a pair. I recognise these boots . . . anyone know where they are from/who they are by?


  1. Both outfits are so cute! I love the first one! It looks so comfy!!!


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