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When I was in Africa (I know I can't stop talking about that place, but it was incredible) I bought a magazine called Fair lady. If you haven't heard of it before it is basically the same as cosmopolitan and many of the other publications we acquire over here. Well anyway, there was a four page spread on 'the 6 day tummy transformer' that is set to give you a flat stomach in under a week! I suppose that does mean you have to be relatively slim to start off with. Besides the diet, I think I'll try and stick to the exercise plan, although it does look rather intense. . . Comprising of three different stages (morning cardio, fat-burning circuits and resistance training) and two workouts a day!!! GOLLY. Wish me luck
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  1. Were you in South Africa? Cause it's published here. I won't say it's similar to Cosmo, it's more like Marie Claire, Cosmo is more about sex than fashion over here.

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