Jeremy Scott X Adidas bone trainers

I was just browsing some new blogs I have come across and found 'Jay Strut's' blog featuring these Jeremy Scott by Adidas trainers. He was a massive fan of them, but I have to say I don't really like them, the mix of animal print, turquoise and 'bones' really isn't my thing, but each to their own I say.


  1. I'm sensing some Flintstones inspiration here? xxx

  2. I think they'd be cool minus the bones. I don't really get them.

  3. hiya i love emmmm lol there not really for every one i guess, there more for the flamboyant type of fashionistas! its quite hard for me to match these beauties with some of my clothes lol but i must admit that out of my js bears and js pandas i love these the most!


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