New York Fashion Week

 The previous week saw the annual New York Fashion Week, and this means that you have more chances than ever before to learn about the latest styles out there such as couture dresses, sparkle skirts, and lace clothing. Amidst a snowstorm that devastated New York City, the fashion world was treated to new clothing from the highest-end models and creators in the world.

What the World Saw

The world outside might have been white due to all the snow, but the fashions shown off during New York Fashion Week came in a wide variety of colours. Greys and blacks were particularly popular, such as black leather skirts and pewter grey evening wear. There were also a variety of warmer colours put on display as well, including red lace dresses, violet silk skirts, and patterned tops. The general colour palette of the event seemed to focus mostly on silvers and greys that would effectively draw the eye amidst a more colourful background. Barring that, there were plenty of warm colours such as reds, oranges, and yellows that would be able to provide the same impact against a white or grey background.

Fashions that Might Stay Around

One of the interesting elements of New York Fashion Week is the fact that some fashions don't catch on but others do – and, as it turns out, many experts are able to conclude almost immediately after the show what direction the different fashions will take. This year, functionality won against many other fashions, thanks in large part to the sudden heavy snowfall and the fact that the 2014 Winter Olympics are getting a lot of media attention. One example of the new limited-edition clothing out there is the fur-trimmed winter parka coat shown off by model David Verde. Functionality seems to be back in, and possesses a high degree of value when it comes to the latest fashions out there.

Spring and Summer Clothing

On the opposite end of the spectrum, spring clothing fashions focused on bright primary colours such as yellows and reds. While past fashions have focused on floral patterns and other printed designs, this year’s show focused less on prints and more on fancy lace designs. This includes a red lace backless skater dress and a yellow crochet lace dress. The lack of a visible print makes the clothing appear more subtle, yet still provides a touch of elegance. A lace print requires those who are interested in seeing the details of the pattern to look closely, which then draws more attention to the wearer. You will likely see these spring and summer fashions beginning to crop up as the weather starts to warm up and dry out.

New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest and most influential fashion shows in the world. The limited edition clothing shown off here should be taking the world by storm very soon. Some of the newest fashions are already available on websites like


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